PhD Studenten, Allgemeine und Angewandte Mineralogie

Jetztige Doktoranden / Current PhD students

Julia Herrmann
Tel. 03641-948722
Fax 03641-948702

Thema: The nature of micro- and nanocrystalline weathering products of tetrahedrite sulfidic ores
Alexandra Plumhoff
Tel. 03641-948722
Fax 03641-948702

Thema: Thermodynamics and crystal chemistry of copper arsenates
Wiebke Nowak
Tel. 03641-948722
Fax 03641-948702

Thema: Thermodynamics and phase equilibria in the complex acid mine drainage systems

Patrick Haase
Tel. 03641-948712
Fax 03641-948702

Thema: Weathering of Mo-Sn-W minerals in nature
Marcel Görn
Tel. 03641-948712
Fax 03641-948702

Thema: Incorporation of Mo6+ into iron oxides
Hannes Herzel
(ext. Doktorand am BAM, Betreuer Dr. Christian Adam)

Thema: Phase reaction during thermochemical treatment of sewage sludge and biomass ashes with alkali compounds to increase nutrient plant availability

Ehemalige Doktoranden / Former PhD students

Felix Yebo Amoako: Mineralogical and microbiological studies of arsenic-rich mine wastes at Kutná Hora (Czech Republic), Chyžné (Slovakia) and Rotgülden-Salzburgerland (Austria)
Khulan Berkh: Mineralogy and formation conditions of selected Au-Ag epithermal deposits and occurrences in the Banská Štiavnica ore district, Slovakia

Stefan Kiefer: Hydrothermal crystal growth, arsenic incorporation in pyrite and complex ore mineralizations in the system Ni-Co-Fe-As-S

Veronika Veselská (lange Forschungsaufenthalt in Jena, promoviert an der Comenius Univ. in Bratislava, Slowakei)
Maria Brey: Mineralized fluids in the Thüringer basin
Arne Zittlau: Synthesis and calorimetric studies of selected copper sulfates phosphates, and arsenates

Ralph Bolanz:  Arsenic and antimony in the environment: Release and possible immobilization mechanisms